Program Features

Mighty Oaks Learning Center offers programs for children aged 3-6 years. We cater for children in mainstream schools who require some small group support to build up a better foundation of skills. We also help young children in need of an intensive early intervention. We have a high success rate in transferring our students to local and international schools that follow the mainstream curriculum.

The following principles make the Mighty Oaks programs effective:

* Individualization. Mighty Oaks is designed for children and individualized for each child, rather than the child trying to fit into an existing program.

*Flexibility. Mighty Oaks is flexible and adaptive to children’s needs at all times. Each child’s program is reviewed weekly in our staff meetings that include all the teachers and therapists.

*Highly qualified staff. Only well-trained, experienced professionals who are fully qualified to work with children with special needs and understand the principles of Floortime are being employed.

*On-going staff training. Weekly in-house training and supervision ensures high quality service & staff motivation. We receive monthly consultations by external Floortime consultants in Singapore and overseas. In addition, all staff is receiving formal training in Floortime.

* Intensity. Our high staff ratio of 1:2 (max 1:3 in advanced groups) ensures that each child is fully engaged in meaningful activities throughout their time with us. There is no time to tune out!

*Effectiveness. Input from speech & language therapists and occupational therapists is integrated in everything we do in the classroom.

*Playfulness. Children learn best when they are having fun. Our teachers use motivating hands-on activities and a playful approach to learning.

*Family involvement. Parents are active participants and collaborators in the program throughout the assessment, goal setting and treatment process. An open door policy, daily communication, parent coaching and informative talks on various topics ensure that parents learn how the child can be best supported at home. We also provide home visits.

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