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April 18, 2015
- Resources






Chewing can be very organizing for children the same way we might munch on a snack when writing a work report, or chew on mint, gum or jerky when feeling out of sorts.

Sensory Tools in Australia sells fun jewellery for chewing:



Special Needs Toys also has some great stuff: chewies and fidgets





Here is the address: 








April 18, 2015
- Floortime


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Advice from Dr Stanley Greenspan

Dr Greenspan's own website has a collection of interesting audiotapes.You can listen to Dr Greenspan giving free advice to parents on a variety of topics from developing play skills and motivation to setting limits. Listening to his voice you can tell he is already sick here, however I enjoy listening to the words of the master. Here it is:


ICDL, Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning.

Mighty Oaks is a registered Floortime school under ICDL. You will find videos of Dr Stanley Greenspan here together with other Floortime info, resources and training courses. Their online parent training courses are popular. Sadly Dr Greenspan passed away just a couple of months before I was due to attend his workshop in the USA. 


Profectum is another organization in the USA offering training for parents and professionals. Dr Serena Wieder, co-developer of the DIR-Floortime method is now working for Profectum. Im hearing that they have a really good speech therapy team onboard.


Dr Josh Feder has created a Floortime resource site called Circle Stretch. There is so much stuff there that is not so easy to navigate, but its worth the trouble as he has collected many valuable lectures, videos, audio presentations etc under one roof.


April 18, 2015
- Floortime

Parents and doctors often ask me about the evidence-base for Floortime. Many well-designed high quality studies have already been published to evaluate the effectiveness of Floortime, and more studies are under way.

Here is a link to a pdf document I downloaded from the ICDL website. ICDL means Interdiscriplinary Council on Development and Learning, and that is an organization founded by Dr Stanley Greenspan, developer of the DIR-Floortime method. I have done my Floortime certification training (conference in the US and online training) under ICDL and also my teachers have trained under this organization.

Floortime evidence-basehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4eYdf4hpBzyRzNObXpzSGZjX0k/edit

Please note that while the DIR-Floortime method is often used with children with autism, it can also be used with any child with challenges in staying calm, communicating and interacting.

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