Importance of individualizing teaching methods

All children are different and learn in different ways. Therefore, teaching methods need to be individualized. This is why we need Mighty Oaks! We love the kids the way they are.




(Thank you to the artist who drew this picture!)

Sitting at the desk all day receiving drills on worksheets does not produce results if this technique does not support the child's learning style, or if the child has some underlying challenges that need to be addressed first. For instance, practicing handwriting is very frustrating for the child if he struggles to hold the pencil, does not have the strength of the shoulder and arm to keep the arm still, and can't keep his eyes focused.

Moreover, not everyone needs to be a star in academics. Adequate skills are certainly needed to cope in this world, but we also need people who are good at work to design our software and meet our digital needs

...numbers to do our accounts

...sequencing to keep libraries neat

...sports to train our kids and keep us all fit

...arts and music to bring us joy

...kindness to take care of others and

..empathy and frienship skills to make the life worth living for everyone!

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